DAWN 11:11 Art Collective

Dave Glass’ visual art encompasses imagery of strong women of gothic/punk subcultures, creatures, urban decay, and unusual hand illustrated lettering. As a self taught artist, Glass has illustrated and hand screen printed licensed merchandise for numerous bands and events, such as GBH, The New York Rel-X, Soundgarden, The Plasmatics, Ramones, and the Holidays in The Sun Festival. His art has been exhibited in galleries and venues, and published in books and magazines, from Philadelphia to the Netherlands. GLASS relocated to Austin TX May 2021 with his photographer girlfriend Kristen Grundy, and Mr. Bugsy his black cat familiar. He quit his day job as a screenprinter October 2021, after 6 months employment with almost 19 years experience, and is now working full time as an artist.

DAWN 11:11 (Eleven Eleven) Collective

Artist couple Kristen Grundy, a photographer and filmmaker, and Dave Glass Riddick, an illustrator and print maker, established DAWN 11:11 Collective, November 11 2018, in the Fishtown / Kensington section of Philadelphia PA, to join forces to make a mark in the art world. They relocated to Austin TX in May 2021 and have been consistently vending live events since June.

ART @art.ov.glass